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Full-length demo tape.

Pansophy - noun, term for an idea of universal wisdom or knowledge.

Read about what I wrote here:

God, sex, death, college, memes. Little jazz too.


released July 24, 2017

release 25

music written, instruments performed, recorded by patrick james

lyrics written by patrick james with use of words by fyodor dostoevsky (track 1), ivan turgenev (track 4), and isaiah berlin (track 13)

cover art is a detail of "the last judgement" (1967-71) by hans memling



all rights reserved


Patrick Vermont


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Track Name: Wisp of Tow
the shepherd was happy, the rebel was not
they had each other and worship, and him, just free thought
though no beast is like man, so artistically cruel
so he soon joined in, grazing with his holy fools

and his struggle and science cannot be his own
just as man cannot live off of bread alone
he must suffer from sin, he must live off the grass
and he can only love neighbors when in the abstract

so cast thyself down, while your cross is light
and destroy thy kingdom, while the time is right
and the babe shall stop weeping, and the moon and the sun
will come on the fourth day and love everyone

and the dog looked on man and saw little of worth
his shameless invention, his locusts and dirt
but he wrote of our heaven and he wrote of our lord
and he became a brother to all he abhorred

how good life is when you do something just
how hungry i am for the soul of the world
the rebel was kissed by the goodness of men
kiss the beast, say hurrah
kiss the beast, say hurrah
kiss the beast, say hurrah
Track Name: Whitney Wise
i called up whitney wise, to have her read my palm
she told me to be calm
"existence comes, existence goes, existence knows"
sweltering in the added months, and caesar would've been a monk if he'd been wiser than himself

i called up whitney wise, to have my fortune told
caroused him in the cold
"your luck will rise, your luck will fall, if move at all"
he didn't say much, but he knows the people's crutch is to be revisers of themselves

we're all whitney wises, just surmising all that we know
with nowhere to go
temperature in view, temperament there too
there's a difference between you and yourself

it comes as a surprise, that nobody cares
but when you get aware,
the world becomes, a type of game, it's not the same
no need to play, nothing to say, just aim your eyes within yourself
not someone else
within yourself

we're all whitney wises, scrutinizing all that we see
with nothing to be
Track Name: Soothes (For Milou)
caught in the light of day
picked up and put away
it's dumb, and clean,
and yet unseen,
the way that the night goes astray
the people who may be okay

be still and rest your head
put all your thoughts to bed
and know that to feel
is all that is real
i'd rather be felt than be said
but you'd rather be heard than be read

indiscriminate, and warped in design, just tell me you're mine, and then i will be fine with the fact that my mind doesn't work/work with me, align my sense of time/time is shaking the cups, breaking the sunset that soothes all it sees

too late to say goodbye
too great to discern why
don't think that i'll
supersede your smile
never by a country mile,
never by a country mile

ah, life is long, life is long

in the thick of it, my patience runs thin, how can i win back the heart of the darkness that parts and embarks on my own/only pansophy in pantomime/i'm making it up, taking the piss that lies to abilities

inhibitions withheld
i just long to be held
my triumphs and charms
in broken arms
the lie that i never will tell
the lie that i never will tell
the lie that i never will tell
Track Name: Ra (Krivo Horo)
cheeks hurt from
the calling crow
the stunted speech
the water's flow

the hunter died
in the holy land
take the surprise
hold it in your hand

cheeks hurt from
the wicked ways
one life lost
a thousand saved
Track Name: Cancionically
as anyone should, i try to do good, but there's always something on my shoulder
it says liven your pace, and brighten your face, be brasher, and braver, and bolder
the walls of a home are the guards of their own scrupulousness
just as the walls of my heart work hard but are prone to forgiveness

by sunlight i swear, i try to be fair, but my sense is as skewed as my footsteps
it says walk here and not there, be tender, beware of the secrets you should never have kept
the gears of a clock will not stop for despair or desire
like the gears of my mind, keeping time and ensnaring my thoughts and flaring loves prior

(verse 1 again in spanish)
como cualquier debe, intento hacer el bien, pero algo siempre está en mi hombro
dice animar tu paso, y aclarar tu cara, ser brasher, y más valiente, y más audaz
las paredes de una casa son los guardias de escrupulosidad
como las paredes de mi corazón trabajan pero son propensas al perdón
Track Name: Sadsack
it seems to me, as i can see, most types of things aren't meant to be, for states of being, schools of thought, are simply luxuries we've wrought
we being the harbingers of hatred known as people, and no degree of empathy we keep'll

stop the stipulations of this life, ere we regulate the next one
diametric beaten paths to die are the eternal questions, nothing to stress on

have no misgivings, for the art of living is positively negated, quite overrated, remnants of dated ways

walk on the grass, don't you know it was meant to feel?
don't let a man in a suit tell you what is real
don't you know hell is hotter than the diamond ring you bought
learn to love the things you cannot touch

i've been trapped in quotidian rehashings of the life i've lived, the things i've never dared to say, so taciturn and turned away
and of the fairer sex i am a pallid scholar, but no extent of essays read will call her

out on all the moments she usurped, so unreasonably infrequent
the egregiousness it takes to flirt is a miserable sequence, never obsequious

to her constraining, or my complaining, i feel but pain in the interim, easy to give in, harder to count the days

time she stopped when she walked through the paneled door
time i stopped theorizing like all the times before
stop and stare, and take the stairs as a means of escalation
whenever you think it's too much, it's never enough
Track Name: Love Theme from "The Bible"
i wish my mind was like the keys, with black and white distinguished
find the incontinence in me, and you know the chords'll be mixed

prophecies, passers-by look for days to seize but don't know why

carpe deus

your candor, my complacency, makes a sight of an impression
the world is not a place to me, just a series of investments

entropy and men's eyes lend their grace with clout and compromise

structuralist sentiment breaks apart, but that's not what i meant
Track Name: Lips in the Moon
how often have i been carried away by the catch of the day, or have caught too many feelings to tell which ones are true, and how often forgotten is the night i spent with you

the crowded room was too unclear
so i said "let's get out of here",
to culminate and ruminate obliquely, on what had transpired so sweetly

the value of a human being
is to put themselves in others and the things that they are seeing
in this way, i haven't let you down

why is it that spring is the loneliest season, despite all the reasons that bring the days together, excluding those that helped us meet, and how discrete was the sky that was made known

the balance between real and dream
the microcosm that i gleaned
i followed, waited, so subdued, to my elation you did too

eyes like the moon, touched like the grass
i recounted the first time, while trying to make it last
smiled at all the progress that we found

clock turned its time, as if to say
"the sun won't really rise again, for another couple days"
i am in a daze of you and full of sound

in such tableaus, it may seem
a work of art to be eighteen
when even crushes are saturnine, and i doubt we'll meet again
Track Name: Lovelessness on Shore
cloaked in white, clipped by lily-white regality
all your malice and "morality", enquote, will be the wreck of the You

told the bay, to tell me what to say, i'm dying
please, tell me what to say i'm dying, the just water just told me what to do

one week more, so what's the magnanimity for?
toss me in your sack, religiously, but without faith

it's time we get to spend a part of ourselves being altogether
sanded, whether reprimanded or something that i'd rather not say

never knew i'd feel this way about the world i'm in
i guess i'm in it now
always thought i'd think this way about all the pretty girls
got to get to them somehow

i am so tired of what people say, what people have, how people look, how people seem, i am ready for who people are

oh, how dreadful to be mindful of where you're headed, and how loathsome to look back, when you're so handsome and have come this far

nothing to do, but heap calumny on you,
my private portraits, and the inconvenience you keep warm

and the pain i quote, is not low enough to note
but when kept quiet, grows in volume and assumes a form

you used to throw crumbs, for any old bird that would come
come to me, if indignantly, for i am the gull, you are the oar

and it's in my gait, to just pack the car and wait
for something, anything, that hasn't come before
Track Name: A Way
in a time, and kept displaced, our sky belied, no grace is saved, a life is to be lied to, lie to me, with me again

dodged me through a daffodil, looked me over, said "say 'i've had enough'", said "say 'i want more'", said "say 'i want yours'"

turn about and face the sun
turn your multitudes to one

calendars maligned
children are subverted by design
give the hours away (ad libs)
Track Name: Manual
i followed every sign that read
that it would take me to a start
i followed every sign that led
me to your head or to your heart

could be true,
i've gotten used to self-concocted lies
could be you,
what is it with brown eyes?

who is the girl
of what known ends,
to make a life?
until the end

so won't you roll your window down
and let your hair bombard your face?
won't you open up your eyes
and blushing, see this holy place?

took too long
for me to put my faith into a frame
came upon
yours, and pushed your weight into my game

do hurry up
slow as you can
and here with you,
it's all i am

and i want you to know,
you can write the rules now,
now i'm not alone
in this half-broken system, the one that i live in, that limits not my love but ways to make it known

so you'll take me to, the place in you,
where we won't even have to try
and i know i will grip the gear,
and gently we will say goodbye
before our time
we'll crudely kiss
your hand in mine
Track Name: Bluster and Clatter
all of these promises
can turn into lies untold with a waver of the wind
but i can tell them just as well as you're absolved of sin

all of the seed you plow
is lost to the storms of time with a bending of the brow
so there's nothing to extrapolate, or do, my friend, but wait

there comes a time and place
to make yourself a livelihood that's as pretty as your face
but plan too long, and i'll be gone of you without a trace
Track Name: Are You a Repetition?
what is there to deduce when
empiricism hits its end?
nothing to clamber loose from
nothing to say that i'd done then

fruitfulness only occurs when in a subconscious state
so as such my dreams conferred, here they come, they postulate

i gathered a carnation
it confessed my time had come
and in my consternation
i decried my life was done and dumb

but as the garden'd all dried up, i was forced to acquiesce
that maybe life alone's enough to feel like i could reach success

oh, to be one of the penseurs
who see what cannot be perceived by the gentry
who know what can and what cannot be happening
who know who will live out their ends, and how, and what for

but what of when they return home to dim rooms,
and make themselves be heard to the happiness of no one?
so they quarrel with each other, tears blinding their foresight
until they stand without truth, without righteousness to be fought for

i'd rather be where i'm inclined to be wary of anything rational, nothing as abject as that, we are half-aware walking, sheep to be slaughtered, our freedom is real but so trivial, real but so trivial, real but so trivial, real but so trivial

tree has its roots in the ground of the earth
and the leaves are all people ever ascertain

are you a repetition? abstraction of yourself?
are you a repetition? have you relived yourself?

the roots within me are the roots within you
and our leaves betray us, do not be afraid

the hedgehogs see through one thing and the foxes see through all, but what about the spiders, owls, ravens, and their ideas they see through just like anything that moves, just like anything that's free, just like anything that thinks

no reason, no opinion, no desire, no confusion, no achievement, no thinking, no understanding, no knowing, no recognizing, no feeling, we are naked in the earth