Are You a Repetition?

from by Maybe

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what is there to deduce when
empiricism hits its end?
nothing to clamber loose from
nothing to say that i'd done then

fruitfulness only occurs when in a subconscious state
so as such my dreams conferred, here they come, they postulate

i gathered a carnation
it confessed my time had come
and in my consternation
i decried my life was done and dumb

but as the garden'd all dried up, i was forced to acquiesce
that maybe life alone's enough to feel like i could reach success

oh, to be one of the penseurs
who see what cannot be perceived by the gentry
who know what can and what cannot be happening
who know who will live out their ends, and how, and what for

but what of when they return home to dim rooms,
and make themselves be heard to the happiness of no one?
so they quarrel with each other, tears blinding their foresight
until they stand without truth, without righteousness to be fought for

i'd rather be where i'm inclined to be wary of anything rational, nothing as abject as that, we are half-aware walking, sheep to be slaughtered, our freedom is real but so trivial, real but so trivial, real but so trivial, real but so trivial

tree has its roots in the ground of the earth
and the leaves are all people ever ascertain

are you a repetition? abstraction of yourself?
are you a repetition? have you relived yourself?

the roots within me are the roots within you
and our leaves betray us, do not be afraid

the hedgehogs see through one thing and the foxes see through all, but what about the spiders, owls, ravens, and their ideas they see through just like anything that moves, just like anything that's free, just like anything that thinks

no reason, no opinion, no desire, no confusion, no achievement, no thinking, no understanding, no knowing, no recognizing, no feeling, we are naked in the earth


from Pansophy, released July 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Patrick Vermont


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